Crafton is a sub town of Ironmir.


Crafton is a small town located close to the current spawn on the nether rail. It was established by Ildabears as a subtown for Ironmir, but has continued to prosper despite Ironmir's abandonment. Crafton's buildings are typically made with stone brick foundations and roofs, birch walls, and spruce floors. The roads are lit with jack o lanterns embeded in the floor which double as ceiling lights for the tunnels underneath. It is connected to the netherail as well as the Ironmir subway, and is the final stop of the later. 


Crafton is build in two main biomes, forest and ocean. It also includes a beach biome. Birch and Oak trees are native to the region, but spruce trees have been brought in as well. The town is surrounded by water on 3 sides. The hills originally in the biome have been leveled and used to build Osiris. 

The Crafton Tunnels.Edit

The crafton tunnels run underneath Crafton, linking several buildings and allowing discrete transit for it's residents. Many of the buildings have basements and a resident can quickly find his or her way around town through these basements. There are also trap doors in key locations as well. The Crafton Subway station may be found here, and is accessible even to non-residents. 

Ironmir SubwayEdit

Although Crafton is a subtown of Ironmir, the only direct means of transit from one to the other is by subway. This ends at the Crafton Station in the Tunnels. Since Ironmir's abandonment this has mainly been used to access Ironmir's wool farm which is still one of the best despite the fate of the city.

The Road to the SeaEdit

The road to the sea is an extremely long road that crosses the ocean reaching the continent on which project OCP is located. Along this road a traveler will pass directly underneath Osiris. 

The LibraryEdit

The library has a small selection of books written by various authors, some have been blanked out by errors with the server updating and appear blank. Most however are readable.